Research Nerd Alert!

This compelling study done a couple years ago demonstrated that there is a strong association between low back pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. 182 Women seeking care for low back pain were recruited into the study. Of them, 85 were screened for pelvic floor dysfunction. Turns out that 95% of those women had some kind of pelvic floor issue:

  •  71% had pelvic floor muscle tenderness
  • 66% had pelvic floor muscle weakness
  • 41% had pelvic organ prolapse
The takeaway:
If you have low back or lumbar-pelvic pain, there is a good chance that your pelvic floor may be involved. It’s worth getting checked especially if traditional remedies or therapies are not working to resolve your pain.
Healthcare providers treating patients with low back pain really should be asking questions about their pelvic health. Send us an email if you would like a copy of a pelvic health screening questionnaire you can share with your doctor, chiro, osteopath, fascial stretch therapist, naturopath, sports physio, or RMT.