o we’ve been at 784 Richmond Street for about a month now and I love our new office space. It is BIG and BRIGHT and COMFORTABLE.  The renovations took about a month and even though you might not be able to tell through the photos, there was quite a bit of work to do – mainly with the electrical, the bathroom, and painting all that awful black on the baseboards, windows and doors.

There are 3 big offices, a nice sized studio for workshops and community groups to rent out, a pretty decent reception area, and a bathroom.  I’ve had a few clients say “hey, I could totally live here…just need a kitchen”.  There are also some lovely gardens behind the property which look pretty blah right now, but I will post some photos in the spring when the trees are in blossom.

So what do you think? The space could definitely still use some interior decorating, so if anyone has a designer’s touch and loves making spaces beautiful, holla!

Oh, and the munchkin in pink in the “after” photos – that’s my one year old crawling around having a grand time exploring that big ol’ space with her big brother.