Take Back Control

You don’t have to tell us how embarrassing, frustrating, disruptive, and secretive bowel or bladder problems can be. Believe us, we know.

When bowel or bladder problems impact nearly every aspect your life (no pun intended), you start to wonder if you can ever leave home without charting your life around bathrooms. The anxiety is real! And you can’t exactly explain your problems to most people.

But you can to us. We are here to help you get control back so that YOU are running your life, and not your bowels, bladder, or bathroom!

I’m Ready For Next Steps
woman with overactive bladder at physiotherapy

Other than incontinence, we treat conditions like frequency, urgency, overactive bladder (OAB), voiding hesitancy, urinary retention, pain or burning with urination, a sensation of incomplete emptying, frequent night-time voiding, recurrent UTIs, or pain with urination/defecation.

We also treat bowel and gut dysfunction including chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS, or defecation dyssynergia (when the anal sphincter contracts instead of relaxes during attempted bowel movement – also known as anismus).

This is a great question. The first thing to understand is that there is a lot going on in the pelvis. Inside the pelvic bowl lives pelvic organs, blood vessels, nerves, lymphatics, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They are in very close proximity and woven together by myofascia. As cliche as this sounds, everything really is all connected.

Further, there is something called the somato-visceral/viscero-somatic reflex. To keep it simple, it is a physical phenomenon where the viscera (organs) impact the soma (muslces/skin) and vice versa. For example, when someone is having a heart attack, she may feel pain in her arm.

This is one reason why working on your pelvic floor can result in major improvements to your bowel and bladder health and function.

We may use manual internal techniques, work directly on the viscera, teach you to activate specific muscles, or help you lessen tension through the pelvic system.

We also look higher up in the system into other areas that are related to the pelvic floor: the abdominal wall, thoracic cavity, and the brain/central nervous system. We explain how certain behaviours (such as going pee “just in case”) can rewire your brain and bladder in ways that are not helpful.

We are not shy to discuss your potty habits and teach you new approaches for healthy elimination. We teach you everything that we all should have learned when we were potty training as kids.

 Pelvic Health Programs for Bowels & Bladder

We start by getting to know you and understanding your experiences. We want to know how your symptoms are affecting your life, what you have tried, and what your goals are. We’ll ask questions about your pelvic health and look at your bigger health picture as well.

After this, we check out how your unique body is working and let you know what we find. Our programs include custom recommendations, hands on strategies, practical advice, step by step home exercise protocols, email support, accountability, educational resources, product recommendations, letters to your healthcare team, and more.

All that we offer is designed to help optimize your pelvic health and help you regain control with your bowels & bladder.

Our bladder and bowel programs will be helpful if you:

  • Are willing to think outside the box and approach treatment with an open mind

  • Are ready to overcome your embarrassment and get real solutions for your bowel or bladder problem

  • Are able to consider multiple factors impacting your pelvic health including stress, sleep, nutrition, movement, etc

I had no idea what to expect when I called to set up an appointment at The Mama’s Physio. All I knew was I needed to do something to support my postpartum body and spirit. I was greeted on the phone by Kate, and she was incredibly kind and easy to talk to. I was treated with respect and discretion.

Sophia was my PT and I can’t say enough good things about her. Pelvic floor physio is such a sensitive, intimate and emotional thing and I was met with kindness, autonomy, and care. I was asked for my consent and comfort level for anything that we were doing and she talked through any procedure involving touch. I visited Sophia for many months and my whole world has changed. I am feeling stronger and more confident and was given tools to continue my pelvic floor strengthening.

I recommend The Mama’s Physio and Sophia to anyone that will listen. It really has changed my whole world. Thank you so much Sophia (and Kate too!) for such a beautiful experience! Know that you are making such an impact on women’s lives every single day!


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