Brooke is very passionate about helping people get good quality sleep each night. Her passion for healthy sleep began with her own story: she was postpartum, waking multiple times a night, helping her 5 month old, caring for a husband with a broken leg, and managing all the household tasks all on her own.

A memorable incident in the middle of the night led her to realize that sleep deprivation was severely impacting her physical, mental, and relational health – and that it was time to find a solution.  After fixing her own sleep problems she was inspired to help others discover the same results.  Since 2015 Brooke has helped hundreds of families and individuals fall in love with sleep again through her work as a certified sleep specialist.

If sleep is something that could use some improvement in your life – whether you’re postpartum, dealing with persistent pelvic pain, or just want to feel refreshed in the morning – then have a listen to this incredibly informative interview.

Interview Highlights:

  • Brooke’s story and how she started bedtime beginnings – 2:55mins
  • Discussion on the evolution of technology and its effects on our relationship with sleep –5:40mins
  • What are some of the long-term and short-term sequelae of disordered sleep? – 8:18mins
  • How to optimize sleep for infants and parents in postpartum – 13:24mins
  • How to optimize sleep for families with older kids – 18:00mins
  • Is “sleep when baby sleeps” good advice? – 20:33mins
  • Insights on effective napping – 22:00mins
  • What Brooke does to give herself rest breaks – 26:18min
  • It’s not selfish to want sleep – 29:40mins
  • What are some of the controversial issues and misunderstandings in the world of sleep? – 32:15mins
  • The importance of including sleep in postpartum planning – 36:20mins
  • Where research is headed in the field of sleep – 40:17mins
  • Discussion on melatonin as an over-the-counter supplement and the potential long-term effects – 42:50mins
  • Natural ways to boost melatonin levels – 46:08mins
  • Discussion about the increased use of technology amongst the next generation – 48:40mins