In this interview we meet one of the amazing pelvic health PTs on our team: Carla! To know her is to love her. She’s your all-Canadian girl who is friendly, easy to talk to, smart as a whip, and very knowledgeable about pelvic health. She’s been in the field for of pelvic health for 10 years and has a real heart to help children and families struggling with pelvic health challenges. If your child is facing various pee, poo, or potty problems that you just can’t figure out, then this interview is for you. Have a listen.

Interview Highlights:

  • How Carla got started in paediatric pelvic health and how common problems really are – 2:52mins
  • Major pelvic health conditions children deal with – 4:37mins
  • Tips and tricks to start positive potty training right from the start – 6:57mins
  • Signs and symptoms that indicate there’s an underlying pelvic floor issue worth investigating – 10:33mins
  • The power of parent’s words and attitudes and lifestyle choices on a child’s toileting success – 14:41mins
  • Constipation – what it is, how it manifests, and strategies to address it – 17:50mins
  • Bedwetting – factors that influence it, when to be concerned, and how to help your child – 22:50mins
  • Daytime incontinence and urgency – the connection to constipation, the role of distraction – 26:54mins
  • What you can expect during a paediatric pelvic health consultation – 28:32mins
  • The importance of connecting brain to body when retraining bowels and bladder; the importance of mindfulness – 31:38mins
  • The real reason why healthy toileting for your child matters – and it’s not just about bowels and bladders – 34:05mins

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