Canada’s national average for Caesarean births is around the 30% mark.  That’s 1 in 3 women who give birth by Caesarean who often don’t have time to ask their doctor all the questions that come up before, during, or after surgery.  Over the years, I’ve been asked a number of questions by my clients that I thought deserved an answer by someone who actually does C-sections.  This interview will introduce you to the skilled and very likeable Dr. George Jacob who is an OBGyn based out of Chatham, Ontario.  Listen in on our conversation and his perspectives as a OB.

(Advance apologies for sound cutting out around 15minutes).

Interview Highlights:

  • Increasing rates of C-sections in Canada and theories as to why – 7:47mins
  • Discussion about whether this increased rate is positive or negative, and pros/cons of c-sections – 11:48mins
  • Fascinating trends about operative vaginal delivery – 14:45mins
  • Common reasons women planning vaginal deliveries may end up delivering via Caesarean – 17:58mins 
  • Fastest time Dr. Jacob has gotten baby out in an emergency situation – 21:29mins
  • Dr. Jacob takes us through the layers cut through during a c-section – 24:05mins
  • We learn what gets closed up at the end of the surgery, why, why not, and the implication on diastasis recti – 27:50mins
  • Does incidence of diastasis recti increase with repeated c-sections? – 30:33mins
  • Incision healing and scar tissue remodelling and sensation – 32:07mins
  • Is there an upper limit to number of c-sections a woman can have? – 37:06mins