In this interview we meet the knowledgeable and kind-hearted Jennifer Wade – passionate Lactation Consultant and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  We talk about the realities of breastfeeding and how to find the support you need for your breastfeeding journey.  If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, please have a listen to this interview!  You will be encouraged and may find some nuggets that will really help you along in your journey.

Interview Highlights:

  • How Jen’s personal experience and struggles with breastfeeding led her to discover her purpose – 2:35mins
  • 3 common challenges that moms – especially first time moms – may face with breastfeeding – 9:10mins
  • How preparing intentionally for support during the fourth trimester is critical in light of our lost village – 13:06mins
  • Public breastfeeding and a story about how it’s becoming more normalized for the next generation  – 19:55mins
  • Some thoughts about formula feeding, identifying a third way, and asking the most important question – 23:30mins
  • The question of pain – what is realistic to expect regarding pain and breastfeeding – 27:35mins
  • Discussing the controversial statement: “breast is best” – 30:40mins
  • New and exciting research in the world of lactation and breastfeeding – 35:58mins
  • Blocked ducts and mastitis – getting to root causes – 40:37mins
  • When should you seek care for breastfeeding? – 46:46mins
  • What is DMER (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex)?  – 50:40mins
  • Top tips for new moms regarding breastfeeding – 52:50mins

Links & Resources Mentioned: