Dr. Kenael Segal is a pelvic floor physical therapist, a pilates instructor and a mom to three beautiful children. In this interview she shares openly about her experiences of a planned home birth turned c-section, subsequent vbac, and another emergency c-section with her third.  Listen in as she shares deep insights from her experiences (both personally and professionally) and offers ideas for moms who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Interview Highlights:

  • How a diastasis recti and incontinence launched Kenael into pelvic floor physical therapy – 2:00mins
  • Kenael’s birth stories – planned home birth turned Caesarean to vbac to Caesarean – 4:36mins
  • Reflections on belly birthing and comparison between the two experiences – 7:22mins
  • Ways to process trauma of the unexpected – 14:23mins
  • Connection between releasing stored trauma and finding motivation to exercise – 17:25mins
  • Idea of “working in” instead of “working out” – 18:27mins
  • Rehab advice for moms who had planned or emergency c-sections – 21:00mins
  • Importance of acknowledging, touching and mobilizing caesarean scar- 24:22mins
  • Emotional triggers, mental and emotional preparation – 26:00mins
  • Should pregnant woman planning vaginal births also prep for a possible caesarean? – 30:26mins
  • Recovery differences and similarities between vaginal and caesarean births – 33:00mins
  • Does having a c-section prevent pelvic floor dysfunction? – 38:36mins
  • Guidelines to follow in the 4th trimester post caesarean – 42:39mins
  • Important role of physios in helping immediately postpartum while in hospital and beyond – 51:06mins