Kyra Browne is the lady you’d want by your side if you’re having a baby.  Not only is she a labour and delivery nurse with almost a decade of experience, but she’s also a certified doula, a childbirth educator, and a registered acupuncturist.  Kyra is passionate about serving women in the pre or postnatal stages of life and has some great perspectives to share on all things childbirth. If you’re expecting a baby (or know someone who is) please have a listen to this interview. You’ll be sure to get some fantastic takeaways.

Interview Highlights:

  • Kyra shares how she got into birth and delivery – 2:20mins
  • What is it like to support a family through labour and delivery at the hospital? – 8:09mins
  • How prepared are families to go through the birth experience – expectations vs. reality – 12:30mins
  • Birth plans – a do or a don’t? – 19:00mins
  • How to navigate fears of hospital culture when it comes to giving birth – 25:00mins
  • The power we have in our own health care choices – 33:00mins
  • The importance of support when it comes to raising a baby– 37:00mins
  • It’s normal to need help – 38:50mins 
  • What is done in the birthing room that is helpful for the pelvic floor – 43:20mins
  • Trends in the labour and delivery ward over the last few years – 53:00mins
  • Resources and final thoughts  – 59:00min