Trish Brunelle is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked specifically in pelvic health for over 15 years. She wears many hats including being a birth phyio-doula, an educator and instructor to physiotherapists, a physiotherapist who can fit pessaries, and an owner of Get Moving Physio, a clinic in Barrie, Ontario. Trish and I had a great conversation about prolapse which will serve as a great introduction for women who are newly diagnosed with a prolapse and looking to get more information.
(Advance apologies about some of the overlapping/lagging conversation and minor tech issues which took place during the recording.)

Interview Highlights:

  • How Trish got into the field of pelvic health physiotherapy – 2:38min
  • Is there awareness of prolapse as a health condition that can be treated with physiotherapy?  – 4:50mins
  • What is a prolapse – in summary  – 7: 05mins
  • Is a prolapse forever? – 11:11mins
  • What causes prolapse? – 12:40mins
  • How to manage an existing prolapse during pregnancy and postpartum? – 15:50mins
  • Does childbirth make prolapse worse? – 20:25mins
  • Signs and symptoms – 21:08mins
  • Assessment techniques – 24:11mins
  • Discussion on treatment – 26:02mins
  • Discussion on pessaries – can they be eventually discontinued?  – 31:00mins
  • Should a pessary be a standard care during postpartum? – 34:47mins
  • Thoughts on surgery for prolapse – 37:40mins
  • What defines success? – 40:55mins
  • How realistic it is to see changes in prolapse grading – 43:45mins
  • The effectiveness of pelvic physiotherapy for prolapse – 47:00mins
  • Discussion on the psychological and emotional dimensions with a prolapse diagnosis – 49:39mins
  • How to encourage clients to be active safely – 53:34mins
  • Thoughts on online support groups for prolapse – 59:00mins
  • Final thoughts on prolapse – 61:50mins