This is a neat study showing the effects of specific exercises on endometriosis pain.

20 women between age 26-32 participated in an 8 week physiotherapist-led exercise program, attending 3x/week. They all had a diagnosis of endometriosis and rated their pain as severe to unbearable on a pain rating scale before intervention. They also all had kyphotic posture (hunch back) due to chronic pelvic pain. (This makes sense…think curling up in the fetal position when you’re in constant pain.)

The exercises given were low impact, moderate in exertion, 30-60mins in length, and performed at least 3x/week. They included:

  • postural exercises in lying, sitting, and standing
  • breathing exercises for the diaphragm
  • progressive muscle relaxation (learning to sense the difference between muscular tension and relaxation)
  • general relaxation exercises
  • teaching sitting and squatting postures
  • stretching the low back muscles, adductors, hamstrings, and pelvic floor muscles
  • walking 20mins on a treadmill
The results: After 8 weeks, participants rated their endometriosis pain as mild (!!!) on the same pain rating scale and saw a dramatic improvement in posture.
Takeaway: Movement, exercise, relaxation, breathing – they are all hugely helpful when it comes to helping deal with persistent pain.
I’m thinking that the movement consistency, guidance from a physiotherapist, and social aspects of meeting weekly were also a factor in the improvements experienced. Want more? Read the discussion section of this article. Then call us so we can help set you up with a movement routine that can help you if you have endometriosis.