I was interviewed by Dr. Kenael Segal – a pelvic health PT from New York – for her podcast called “The Kegel Room“.  Check out the interview description below then have a listen!

Is this episode, I’m discussing all things pregnancy and postpartum and the trauma that your pelvic floor can endure. If you’re pregnant, ever had a baby, or thinking of having a baby, give this episode a listen. You’ll learn how to prepare your pelvic floor for birth and how to recognize when you need PT before and after baby is born, even years down the line. Ibukun Afolabi (Ibbie) has a wealth of knowledge as a mama and clinical PT to share with other mamas in this episode. Between the 2 of us, we have 7 children and years of experience to shape our clinical practice and treatment of women during the prenatal and postpartum experience.