In this interview we meet the lovely Andrea Merucci Hsiung – the owner and main trainer of ANDFIT Training Studio.

Interview Highlights:

  • Why having a c-section doesn’t mean you will be exempt from pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic pain. [6:41]
  • Getting your body back after baby is a valid desire but we should ask ourselves WHY is it often the main focus and should it be?  [9:07]
  • How just showing up consistently or giving only 30% effort on a really tough day can ultimately  help you reach your long term fitness goals. [14:53]
  • Boldly asking super personal questions can be the very thing that initiates change for the better.  [17:55]
  • How having options for exercise intensity allows for a good workout while preventing injuries. [23.58]
  • The three stage process to work up to participating in stroller fitness or high impact exercise. [30:01]
  • Nine key things to look for in the ideal fitness instructor or personal trainer. [35.39]

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