In this interview we meet the wise and insightful Liz Sallows – Registered Psychotherapist, Grief and Loss Counsellor, and Trauma Specialist.  We talk about the realities of trauma, especially in the Covid-19 era from which we are now all emerging.  If you are wondering how to process everything that has happened in the last 4 months, you’ll find some great pearls in this interview with Liz.

Interview Highlights:

  • The definition of trauma – 5:50mins
  • Signs & symptoms of trauma – 7:30mins
  • How does trauma manifest emotionally or in the mind – 9:50mins
  • How do we avoid living in a constant state of fear (or a state of threat to the brain) when fearful messages are around us? – 11:43mins
  • The power of regular and focused breathing practices to change our brain chemistry – 15:01mins
  • What we can do to manage while still in the middle of trauma – 18:30mins
  • The art of giving yourself permission to stop putting pressure on yourself – 21:36mins
  • Advice for pregnant families or families navigating new parenthood in the covid era – 23:15mins
  • The loss of our collective dreams – 27:45mins
  • How can we start to process what has just happened so we can avoid PTSD – 28:51mins
  • Things people can do when coming out of trauma for their mental and emotional health – 31:00mins
  • The importance of easing oneself in to a new way of doing things – 39:30mins
  • The definition of resilience and how we can develop it as individuals and communities – 41:06mins
  • Previous generations, war, community goals, blessings of dealing with hardship, and training the next generation – 44:15mins

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