In this interview we meet the inspirational Sheela Zelmer – Pelvic Health Physiotherapist of over 25 years and Woman’s Health Coach.  If you’re ready this year to make some changes to your health – changes that will last – then you need to listen to this interview.  Sheela offers such good insights that can get you set on the right trajectory right now!

Interview Highlights:

  • Why YOU are the expert in your own life, not a health care professional.  Embracing this truth allows you to tap into your resources, direct your own path, and be more likely to succeed.
  • Why it’s important to defining for yourself what “better” looks like.
  • How using a vision board can help you get clarity on what you want – and how it sets you up for sustainable change.
  • Why starting by thinking smaller and breaking tasks down into bite sized pieces is the key to achieving lasting goals.
  • How true motivation comes from speaking kindness to ourselves rather than beating ourselves up.
  • Why relationships and community are an important health domain that often goes ignored.
  • What busy women and moms can do to realistically work towards health goals.
  • What happens when we focusing on building up resiliency in multiple health domains, rather than the the most popular one.
  • How taking imperfect action is actually OK and teaches importance lessons to our children.

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