Sometimes women call into our office who have been dealing with dysfunction for a some time – months, years, decades even.  They wonder if it is too late, if they’re past the point of no return, if anything can be done, if surgery is the only “answer”.  I love meeting people at this point because I get to share that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.  As long as you’re alive and breathing (and willing to do a bit of work) you CAN always make changes for the better. It is never too late.

Below is a little blurb from one of our forms – it summarizes perfectly how we view health and how our bodies have the incredible ability to adapt.

“We believe that our bodies are marvellously created and are designed to function well.  However life happens – and sometimes we need a little help in knowing how to harness the innate healing abilities of our bodies.  When it comes to health, being proactive is far better than being reactive.  However, being reactive is better than taking no action at all. We believe that our bodies are incredibly adaptable – for better or for worse – and that health is either created or destroyed by the small daily choices we make over the course of a lifetime.  What we input into our systems matters – and not just on a physical level.  We believe that true health is a dynamic fusion of a body, heart, mind, and spirit that is operating at optimal.  Yet “optimal” is a moving target – so while we may never attain perfection in this life, we do our best to keep nurturing a lifestyle of health and wellness.  We encourage you to do the same.  Our goal is to help you meet YOUR goals, and teach you how to function well in YOUR unique body for YOUR life.”

If this resonates with you on any level and you find this approach refreshing, then do come on in for a Pelvic Health Check Up and we can chat some more and hopefully you will leave a believer!