This is a little excerpt I wrote for an Ebook that is going to be soon published by the fabulous Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness. The question was: what is one thing you’re generally telling all your patients regarding pelvic health?
Over the years working as a physio I’ve learned that sometimes the most obvious thing is the most overlooked.  We often jump right into treating one thing or another, but in the words of that famous song from that famous musical,  “let’s start at the very beginning”.  And what is the very beginning?


I’m talking about the ability of you and I to tune in, feel, perceive, and sense – to sense where we are in space, to feel the subtleties of our daily postures and positions, to appreciate the nuances in our movements, and to notice the connections between seemingly unrelated body parts.

Awareness is the starting point in pelvic health physiotherapy because it is essential to everything that we subsequently do.  Developing that sense of mind-body awareness means that you can really know, reconnect to, and hopefully appreciate the amazing system that is your body.  It allows you to take control over your pain or dysfunction, instead of letting it control you.  It means that you can begin to make changes and improvements to your health on the micro and macro levels.  It ultimately helps to rewire and retrain your brain, neural pathways, and motor patterns.  When you begin to develop this perceptual ability, it really is amazing how much more you can feel and the overall impact on your pelvic health.  Feeling is the key to healing.

So before starting anything else, before breathing, or visualizations, or kegels, or any other exercise, I usually say something that goes a little bit like this:  “Close your eyes, quiet your mind, concentrate, and feel….”
Hum…a metaphor for life perhaps?