Some of you will notice that The Mama’s Physio has a new shiny logo.  Our logo was designed by the talented Meredith Myers of Jack and Mo. If you’re ever looking to re-brand, I HIGHLY recommend her services.
So why the wreath around the heart rather than something more obvious and cliché?

  1. Because it is so symbolic of the women  we treat.  As women, we have heart!  It symbolizes our strength and vitality, our capacity and gutso, our vulnerability and ability to feel, and our drive to connect and build authentic relationships.
  2. Because we want to get to the heart of the matter. What really counts? What is important to you? What lies beneath?  How is the health of your heart, soul, mind and body?  What is truly driving dysfunction?
  3. Women often loathe their bodies.  But we want you to love your body.  We want you to accept and thank it for all it does for you daily.  We want you to appreciate its unique design and capabilities – to show kindness to it, to enjoy living in it.  We want it to function well for the things you need and want to do in your life.
  4. The leafy wreath encircling the heart represents life and vitality, vibrancy and health, wholeness and completeness, safety and nurturing, and sustainability throughout the natural cycles of a woman’s life.

While you are in our care, we hope you will feel all of the above. Our goal is to care for the whole woman – body, mind, spirit and heart.