May is National Physiotherapy Month and I *heart* my profession!    Working with interesting people, helping them get better, seeing them meet their goals and getting back to their healthy life….it’s the best!  We work with our head, our heart, and our hands!

Did you know that Physiotherapists:

  • are regulated health professionals
  • have graduate level (ie. Master’s degree) education
  • are primary care practitioners (ie. you don’t need a doctor’s referral)
  • are movement and manual therapists
  • can diagnose, treat, prescribe, order imaging, and refer
  • assess function, performance, and movement required for your life, work, or play
  • rehab injury or the effects of disease
  • prevent injury, disease, or disability
  • optimize your health no matter the level
  • get rid of pain
  • use exercise as medicine
  • work closely with other members of your health team
  • care about overall health and quality of life

Physiotherapists work in a variety of areas and with a variety of people to help them meet their goals:

  • athletics and orthopaedics
  • oncology
  • persons living with disabilities
  • chronic conditions
  • education, teaching, research
  • pain sciences
  • cardiac and respiratory
  • paediatrics
  • neurology
  • geriatrics
  • animal health
  • global health
  • and my personal favourite – women’s health!

Women’s health physiotherapists are trained to treat urological and gynaecological disorders, pelvic pain conditions, women as they go through menopause and into their senior years, breast and other cancers,  athletic injuries common in teenage girls and in women, chronic pain conditions affecting primarily women, pregnancy related issues, and other more specialized areas such as eating disorders, survivors of abuse or torture, and fertility issues.

May is National Physiotherapy Month so high-five any physios you know, check out this link,  and find out how you can get your body into optimal health!   If you have any questions about women’s health physiotherapy, pre or post-natal physio or pelvic floor physio, don’t hesitate to contact me!