Pregnancy is such a profound and powerful time during a woman’s life – I know this for a fact because I’m going through it right now!   As a women’s health physiotherapist, I’ve always had been amazed by what our incredibly designed bodies are capable of doing – but never more so than now.   When our bodies are functioning optimally and every part is working in synchronous harmony, it results in the creation of beautiful, effortless movement – and as a physiotherapist, that’s what I’m after for you and for me.  You were meant to be extraordinary!

In speaking with many moms, I realize that there exists a huge misconception which goes something like this:

“my pain is just a normal part of my pregnancy” (this is misinformation), or

“my body doesn’t work so well since I’ve had the baby and I guess I have to live with it” (this is resignation).

Our beliefs will ultimately inform our actions.  And what we choose to do or not do will affect our quality of life.  As a women’s health physiotherapist, one of my jobs is to challenge the belief that sub-optimal functioning is OK.  Your health and well-being is so very important – not only for you, but also for your family, and for the world.  You were created to be extraordinary!

I love the look on their faces when my moms hear the truth: that there is hope and help, that they can get better, that they don’t have to move with pain, and that they can be free to enjoy their little ones and families.  My practice philosophy is one that embraces proactivity instead of reactivity.  Because I believe that preventative medicine is the best medicine, I recommend that every mom – pre and post-partum, in pain or not – get checked by a women’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapist.   We are specially trained to assess and treat conditions that your doctor is not necessarily familiar with.