Research Nerd Alert!
This qualitative research study on the impact on endometriosis is absolutely fantastic.
  • If you are health professional working with women who live with endo, PLEASE read.
  • If you have endo yourself, you will find yourself nodding in understanding. Print of a copy to give to your health care providers, especially if you’re having trouble being heard. This will help give you a voice.
  • If you’re a partner or family member to someone who has an endometriosis diagnosis, you must read this.
This research studied interviewed 35 Australian women whose histories with endometriosis ranged from 2 to 40 years. Two major themes emerged: the experience of living with endo and the impact of endo on their lives.
  • THE EXPERIENCE regarding:
    • symptoms related to endometriosis pain
    • delayed diagnosis (it took an average of 8 years to accurately diagnose)
    • treatments tried
    • experiences with health care providers
    • lack of information
  • THE IMPACT on them:
    • physically
    • psychologically
    • relationally
    • sexually
    • fertility
    • social life
    • education and career
    • financially
    • life opportunities
    • lifestyle
    • lessons learned
I could write a more on this article, but I think it’s most powerful if you just read the original paper for yourself.
The takeaway:
The chronic, cyclical pain of endometriosis a very difficult reality to deal with indeed. BUT if you’re reading this and endo is your experience – please hold on to the good news. There is SO. MUCH. that can be done to manage, improve, heal, overcome, function well, and even thrive while living with the realities of endometriosis. We would love to help you figure out next steps.