Ultrasound for Blocked Ducts

Therapeutic Ultrasound For Blocked Ducts

We are here to support you on your breastfeeding journey! Breastfeeding can be a wonderful and challenging experience all at the same time.  Whether you are a new or seasoned breastfeeding mama, painful blockages can develop in the breast tissue which can be distressing or disrupt your ability to effectively nurse.

Blocked milk ducts can be caused by a number of factors which can lead the surrounding tissue to become swollen and inflamed.  Blocked ducts, if not treated early can lead to an infection of breast tissue, or painful mastitis.

Many moms are surprised to hear that physiotherapists can treat blocked ducts very effectively using a modality called therapeutic ultrasound.  If you’ve had physiotherapy for a sports injury or after a car accident, you may have received ultrasound in the past.  We can use that same modality, along with other manual and positioning techniques, to help break up blockages and encourage normal flow of milk.

We use Canadian breastfeeding guru, Dr. Jack Newman’s, protocol for therapeutic ultrasound – and often only one treatment is required.  Ultrasound is a proven, painless technology which has been used by physiotherapists for decades. There is strong evidence that ultrasound for block ducts is safe and effective.  We also consult regularly with lactation consultants and work with them to ensure we are providing the best holistic breast care for our nursing moms.

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