Care For Your Pelvic Health From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

There are many reasons why a visit to our office may not be possible. But thanks to the magic of the internet, that is no longer a problem. Get the expert physiotherapy care you need no matter your current situation.

Experience a virtual visit


Care For Your Pelvic Health From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

There are many reasons why a visit to our office may not be possible. But thanks to the magic of the internet, that is no longer a problem. Get the expert physiotherapy care you need no matter your current situation.

Experience a virtual visit

The Benefits

Sometimes leaving home to attend an appointment is difficult or impossible. Whether you live remotely, have brand new baby, experience transportation issues, need to socially distance, are caring for a sick kid at home, or have other barriers making it challenging to come see us, we’ve got you covered.

You stay nice and comfortable, and we’ll come to you – virtually.

Save Time and Energy

Save On Gas and Babysitters

Stay Comfortable, Stay Safe

Work Around Your Schedule

What We Treat Virtually

‍There are a large number of pelvic health conditions that can be treated effectively via virtual care. And many of our clients have been surprised how much they’ve gotten out of virtual visits!


If we feel virtual care is not the best fit for you, then we will make other recommendations so you can get the help you need. Or we may also recommend that, once able, you come see us in person for further evaluation.

The Mama’s Physio is doing phenomenal work! In a time with uncertainty and limited accessibility, it was comforting and so helpful to be able to have a virtual appointment and access to so much expertise! The virtual appointment was easy to book and “almost” like being in person. Professional, knowledgeable, caring, and reassuring; the Mama’s Physio is doing an incredible job!

~M.H. Pregnant Client at 36 Weeks


Working with Ibbie has been fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable, her explanations and directions are concise, and she made an intimate topic comfortable to talk about. I have been working with Ibbie virtually because of the COVID19 crisis, and despite not being in the same room, Ibbie has been able to tackle many of my concerns, provide exercises that I have been able to do at home, and help me build my toolkit for working through my chronic pain and pelvic floor issues. I have learned so much from her, and am very glad to have met her.

~J.N. Persistent Pain Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual physiotherapy, (or tele-rehabilitation or online visits), involves using secure video conferencing to provide physiotherapy services remotely. You may have barriers that make it difficult to leave your home or you may simply prefer the convenience of physio on your own terms.

With virtual physiotherapy, you can connect with our experienced team for 1-on-1 sessions from wherever you are in Ontario. This type of physiotherapy upholds the same safety, effectiveness, and ethical standards of care as in-person visits (see the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario website for more information).

Security & Privacy: It is important that your privacy and confidentiality is maintained during your virtual visit. We use a secure video conferencing internet-based software that is both HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant and that follows Canadian health and privacy legislation. If at any time you wish to discontinue, that is completely fine; you have the option of continuing over the telephone or seeing us in person.

Health Interview: If it is your first visit with us, we will take a detailed health history. We will ask about the challenges you’ve experienced, any official diagnoses or medical testing you’ve received, your concerns and goals, strategies tried so far, and your perspective. We will review your questionnaire and pelvic health inventories that you submit prior to your visit.

Examination: During an online visit, we are able to evaluate many elements visually such as posture, positioning, breathing, movement patterns, range of motion, muscle recruitment strategies, and more. These things all influence and impact your pelvic health and is often where we start your treatment, whether in person or online. We do not complete any visual inspection of the perineum or pelvic floor muscles during online visits. However, we are still able to gain many insights to guide our care plan based on your symptoms, health interview, movement evaluation, and our extensive experience in the field of pelvic health.

Recommendations: Once we have completed the above steps, we will let you know our assessment of the situation and propose a plan of care. We’ll also teach you some strategies to get started right away. You can expect to receive digital resources and home exercises to help guide your progress until we meet again virtually or face-to-face.

Treatment: If you decide you want to proceed with virtual care, then your follow up visits will focus on treatment. See the next FAQ for what treatment involves.

Treatment is highly individualized and based on evaluation findings and your specific goals. We aim to keep your program engaging, simple, and effective. Treatment includes much of the same strategies we teach during in-person sessions:

  • Education about your pain, condition or injury – and how to manage it
  • Bowel or bladder retraining
  • Biofeedback techniques or awareness training for the pelvic floor
  • Training another person (eg. your partner) to assist you with exercises
  • Teaching you how to use pelvic health tools and equipment for internal self-treatment
  • Teaching soft tissue release techniques
  • Breathing re-education
  • Prenatal education and birth preparation with a pelvic health focus
  • Constipation management
  • Exercises to retrain the pelvic floor, core, and supporting systems
  • Exercises and stretches – with supporting photos/videos
  • Progressing or modifing your current treatment plan to move you towards your goals
  • Equipment/product recommendations
  • Collaborating with the rest of your care team such as your midwife, OB, specialist, family doctor, etc.
  • A home program for you to follow in your home

This is a great question.

We’ll let you in on a secret: our goal as pelvic floor physiotherapists is and has always been to teach YOU to be the leader in your recovery. Much of what we do during our in-person sessions revolves around training you in how to care for yourself. It has never been about making you dependent on us or our hands. Our clients experience great success with this empowering model of care. They discover that healing is within themselves.

So it is not a huge leap for us to continue offering the same excellent care and treatment strategies via virtual visits. It’s about equipping you with the knowledge and skills you will need to heal – and you’ll get to take all the credit for it when you do.

There may be some situations where in-person physiotherapy may be mandatory in order to have a crystal clear picture. If this is the case, we will certainly let you know that it’s in your best interest to come to our office for at least one face-to-face session.

“I gave birth to my first baby the day that Ontario was locked down due to the pandemic. Because of the lockdown, I was nervous I wasn’t going to receive the postpartum care I needed. When I approached The Mama’s Physio with my questions, they arranged a video call with a physiotherapist. Ibbie, who has always met me with warmth and kindness, didn’t surprise me by being able to transmit that same comfort via video chat. My questions were addressed and, regarding my concerns about breastfeeding and back pain, Ibbie was able to show me, via video chat, the exercises that would benefit me and treat the pain. Even with the challenges of not being seen in person, Ibbie and The Mama’s Physio team excelled in their care and did not miss a beat.”

~M.A. – 4 Week Postpartum Mom

Yes, the majority of extended health benefit plans in Ontario that cover in-person physiotherapy also cover virtual physiotherapy sessions. These insurers include Sunlife, Manulife, Great West Life, Medavie, Green Shield Canada, Blue Cross, Canada Life and more. Since insurance policies are constantly being updated, we advise that you contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage details.

You will need a computer, tablet, or phone, a reliable internet connection, and a webcam. Set up your device and space so that your face can be clearly seen and so you can also move away to show your full body if needed.

We will send you the secure link to connect to your virtual visit once you book your session.

We’re unable to provide physiotherapy assessment or treatment to individuals who are not residents of Ontario.

If you are a resident of Ontario and you’re currently visiting another province or country, we are still able to treat you as physiotherapists.

If you are a resident of another province or country and need help , please contact us so we can point you in the right direction. We may still be able to work with you in other capacities as women’s health coaches, doulas, or childbirth educators.

A Little Curious?

Try Out A Virtual Visit

A Little Curious?

Try Out A Virtual Visit