Research Nerd Alert!
If you are pregnant and experiencing incontinence, have you checked your vitamin D levels?
According to this high quality research study recently conducted in Norway, “low levels of vitamin D are associated with increased risk of urinary incontinence in pregnancy.”
Just another reason to love Vitamin D (aka the sunshine hormone)!
But this study brings up more questions!
  • Does incontinence prevalence increase during winter months where sun exposure is significantly reduced?
  • Do these findings apply to non pregnant people?
  • Is the overall incidence of incontinence in pregnant women less in sunnier countries?
  • To what extent is a condition like incontinence actually a symptom of diet, nutrition, or other lifestyle factors?
  • What level of vitamin D does one need to have for incontinence during pregnancy to be reduced or prevented?
You can read the article yourself if you geek out on this stuff like we do. But the big take away here is: if you’re pregnant and experience incontinence, get your vitamin D levels checked, get out into the sun, supplement if needed.
And then come see us to take a closer look at the rest of your continence picture.